For twenty years, the company has worked on special technologies to enhance the performance of the anaerobic digester (AD) industry. 

Today, the company markets the following line of products and services:

  • Non Silicone de-foamers for anaerobic digesters – Represents Access Technology
  • Special blends of enzymes, micro-nutrients to maximize digester efficiency including struvite and crust formations
  • Designs to feed special substrates both solid and liquid to achieve a balanced diet in the digesters
  • Optimize compost operations via food waste recycling
  • Recycle bio diesel glycerin co-products
  • Bio augmentation process (super micro-nutrient development)
  • Pack set apparatus sales and service – cement industry
  • Digester audits – Dr. Dennis Evers

Services and Companies:

Biomass Management, Inc

Formerly CP Recycling, Inc.



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Renewable Energy Suppliers, INC

Formerly CP Bio Energy, Inc.

Digester Substrate


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Nebraska Energy Recyclers, INC

Formerly CP Recycling of Nebraska, Inc.

Developing / Marketing

Seed to Ethanol

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